Most people think that creating wealth is all about money. Although money is a significant component of wealth, it is not the reason to become wealthy. Take a look at the thinking below:

  • Money is not the reason you do something…
  • Rather, it is the result of how you have been doing things.

The result of your financial situation is based upon some key factors:

  1. How you think.
  2. How you behave.
  3. How you communicate.

When you change the way that you think, behave and communicate you will change the result of your current financial situation. This site will be updated constantly with more information to help you to help yourself.

Please check back often and leave your comments so that we can evaluate how this information is impacting your life. In the meantime you can start your journey of wealth creation by learning more about The Definition of Wealth.

To your success!

  • Sam Adeyinka

    Hey Christo,

    I’m so glad to have stumbled upon this post, thanks to my search for ways to create wealth.

    I was gonna write an article about “wealth creation” and I was ready to make research before I start scribbling anything down when I saw this and I’m sure it will help me during the process of writing.

    Thanks for sharing this, I still believe there’s more to learn from your great website. I’d stay in touch.


    • Christo van Zyl

      Hi Sam, thank you for your comment. I am happy about two things:

      1) That you were researching “wealth creation.” That is a great first step!
      2) That you left a comment and are willing to learn!

      Excellent man! Proud of you! Keep up the research. Study many resources. Find what is common between them. Choose what you believe to be true, and test that knowledge until you are satisfied it is the best version of the truth that you currently have access to!

      I am in the process of creating an online course where you will be able to learn what took me about 10 years of research to discover! I know it will save you time and give you a super head-start!

      Please do keep me posted on your progress! Best regards, Christo

      • Sam Adeyinka

        Haha………I’m so happy myself that I actually took the bold step.

        I still am in the very process of studying and I’d also to read your course when it comes out live. Please do inform me about it okay. Here’s my mail:

        Oh I sure will Christo! Thanks for saying you were proud of me, trust me I’m to hear that.


        • Christo van Zyl

          Excellent Sam! Will do. I recommend you sign up for this blog also. That way, when I post new articles they will automatically come to your inbox. Best regards, Christo.

          • Sam Adeyinka

            I will go ahead and do that now.

  • Robert Katusabe

    this is the best site, i love this and looking forward for the next artical, love this 5 stars..

    • Christo van Zyl

      Thanks Robert! Much appreciated! Welcome, and enjoy the learning! Best regards, Christo

  • Joseph Njoroge

    My name is Joseph Njoroge from Kenya Your articles make my decisions and events count with my financial literacy courses and firm.That’s good stuff you can also communicate to me through Great work sir

    • Christo van Zyl

      Hi Joseph. Thank you for the kind words! It took me many years to learn and I wished someone had taught me these principles ;) Anyway, I got the experience the hard way but I think that is what makes me a better facilitator. Let me know if there are any articles which I can address for you on this site. Best regards, Christo

      • Joseph Njoroge


        Am very sure am all smiles all over for the relationship we are establishing over your good work.
        I will appreciate if i get all articles through this mail for i want to develop financial literacy,knowledge and above all
        independence and what a pleasure it will be if i achieve it through you.
        Trust me my generations will enjoy the good work put forward by you. All the best for what is shared with me will also be
        wired to other people who need this information.

        Kind Regards
        Joseph Njoroge

        • Christo van Zyl

          Hi Joseph.

          It gives me great joy to hear from people who genuinely want to make a difference to their own lives, as well as those around them. Thank you for your enthusiasm, keep that and you will make great progress in your own life. You will also have the pleasure of seeing others’ lives improve around you, because of you.

          I have a solution for you:

          If you go to you will see “Be the first to know, enter your email below.” All you (or any of your friends) have to do is to enter your email address. Whala, you will get all my new articles as soon as I push “publish” right into your inbox! I trust this will help and by all means, share this with as many people as you want!

          Best regards,

  • jobinho

    am profoundly greatful to u especially 4 da message

    • Christo van Zyl

      Thanks jobino! Keep on reading and learning!

  • Beno

    I love what i do and i am good bt my salary dont reflect it. I am the lowste paid accountant in my company bt i work smart and better then all of the other accountant.i

    • Christo van Zyl

      Hi Beno. Remember you get paid for the VALUE that you ADD. Also, people pay you for the VALUE that they perceive that you add. The goal with most companies is to PAY as little as possible to employees and GET as much as possible in terms of service in return… However, that is up to THEM. The best way to increase your salary is to ensure you ADD as much VALUE to the company as you can over a long period of time. You must ask yourself: Am I able to COMMUNICATE clearly? (Your comment above does not show this YET as there are errors in the spelling, the pronunciation and sentence structure – people see this and then they make an estimate of your VALUE) Are you able to effectively LEAD the other accountants? Are you able to DEMONSTRATE that you are either saving them a LOT of TIME or a LOT of MONEY, or, MAKING them a LOT of MONEY? (This can take weeks, months or even years) You must be an incredible ASSET to the company, be efficient, effective, well spoken, well presented leader and a few other things before they would even consider a salary increase… My recommendation would be to ensure that you can comply to the above first, then start thinking increase.

  • Denny

    Really good posting, I absolutely will enjoy updates of your stuff.

  • Una

    I seriously learned about virtually all of this, but having said that, I still thought it had been beneficial. Nice work!

  • Jeffrey Smith

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    • Christo van Zyl

      Hi Jeffrey. Thanks. TwentyEleven.

  • Issac Wingrove

    Nice read, I just passed this onto a colleague who was doing a little research on that. And he actually bought me lunch because I found it for him… smile.* Thus let me rephrase that: Thanks for lunch!

  • Molina

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  • Kathryn

    Love the blog!

  • Denise (Sundin) Fertig

    Great ideas, Christo! I cant wait for your book to be done………… pressure. :) Hope all is well with you!

    • Christo van Zyl

      Hi Denise. Wow… Long time no speak! Thanks so much for the comments, and yes, I am working as fast as I can to transcribe the book into this site. If you subscribe on the latest articles page, you will be receiving the book topic by topic and article by article as I am writing it… Then there will be no reason to wait ;) Great to hear from you again.

    • Sherlyn

      Just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s not super helpful.

      • Christo van Zyl

        Hi Sherlyn. Exactly. I discovered that the things that can impact one’s ability to create wealth are actually super simple and easy to impliment. One just has to do them and take action – which is a secret to wealth. Thanks for your comment.

  • Jodie

    Cool! Thats a clever way of looking at it!