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BeliefsTraditionally, beliefs have been associated with spiritual beliefs. When we talk about “beliefs” most people almost instantaneously think about religion, God, the universe or some other affiliation. There is nothing wrong with that, but the concept of what you believe has far more impact on your wealth creation than you may have realised.

Creating wealth is fundamentally about your personal beliefs. In other words, what you have pre-qualified in your mind as the “absolute truth.” A belief is something that we accept as a truth without questioning it.

These unquestioned “truths” usually involves some expression of a statement you thought or communicated without really pausing to think if it really is true, and more often than not, are negative statements:

“I can never become wealthy.”

“Our family never had money.”

“I just don’t have enough time.”

“I can never find the right person.”

They are usually broad, sweeping statements which you have either spoken or thought. If you have made the choice to become wealthy, you will have to challenge and even change what you believe to be true. Changing, enhancing, re-creating, un-learning and even re-learning what you believe is a core fundamental component of creating wealth.

In short, what you believe is true, is true, for you. What you believe you can achieve. What you don’t believe you cannot achieve. If you believe the wrong thing it is very hard to achieve the right thing. Thus, what you have to do is change what you believe.

In the additional reading below, you will find more information about beliefs, how they are formed, how they limit you and how they can be changed. If you have a positive belief, feel free to leave a comment below. “Broadcasting” it below in a comment is a way to show the world and yourself what you believe. What you believe will affect what you can and will achieve.

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