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CommunicationCommunication is an essential component of the Secrets to Wealth. The way in which you speak or write (outgoing communication) not only affects what others think of you, but also what you think of yourself. The words that you use affect the message that you send out. Is that message clear and helpful, to the point and correct?  Does it accurately convey you or your idea? Do you have the capability or skill to adjust your outgoing communication so that it more accurately reflects a positive and powerful message? Will that message affect your ability to become wealthy? It definitely will.

In addition, in-coming communication (what you hear or read) such as the radio, television, newspapers, magazines, audio programmes, music, friends, family and colleagues can also affect how successfully you interact with your life. As all of these factors affect your ability to become wealthy directly or indirectly, this section about communication will assist you to identify and correctly channel and filter your communication so that it helps you to help yourself. The goal of this section is to assist you with better information about the impact of communication in your life. When you have finished this section you will be:

  1. Aware of the impact of communication in your life.
  2. Able to change what you say or write (your outgoing communication.)
  3. Able to understand the ability and impact of filtering in-coming communication.
  4. Understand how what you say affects the development of you as a person.
  5. Speak the language that wealthy people use.

Over the next few weeks this section will be updated with the articles and posts that will support the 5 key outcomes noted above. If you have any thoughts, comments or questions please leave a comment below. This will be your outgoing communication that can affect both me and others who will visit this site to learn more. I review and appreciate all comments.

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