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Your MindAlbert Einstein once said that: “The Mind, once stretched, can never again reach its original dimension.” In other words, once you have developed your mind, it can never be less developed.  Your mind grows stronger the more you use it.

Everyone, regardless of race, age or gender is born with an incredible mind that has the inherit power to think, memorize, reason, evaluate, conceptualise and create.  Your mind is one of the most powerful weapons you have for creating wealth.  It is therefore imperative that you understand how the mind works and how you can use all the tools explained here to improve your ability to create the life you are seeking.

Your mind affects all the elements of the wealth matrix as it is in charge of making choices and determining which actions you will take.  It stores your values and beliefs and therefore determines which people you wish to interact with and in what way.  Your mind filters and disseminates communication.  It determines how you spend your time and therefore also, how you spend your money!

In the next few weeks, I will be adding more reading about how the mind works logically, biologically, physically as well as how you should shape your thinking in order to make your mind the strongest tool in your arsenal for creating wealth.

Additional reading coming soon:

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